Nelson, Minnesota
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MY review of walmart is that you suck. My favorite thing is that you cant even walk through walmart with out being hassled.

Very dissapointed that at every walmart weve been to weve been asked to step off to the side and show them our reciept out of a crowd of people with a carseat in one hand and a 20lb bag of dog food in the other hand. IDK if its a racist thing or wut but i am pissed off. Cause ill tell you wut im not about to steal a *** thing. Wut i carry in my wallet is probly about how much they make in a month at there petty jobs and if you make us not welcome the people who made walmart can easily destroy it.

Im 23 and farther in life than the general managers. So thats wut grinds my gears about walmart.

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Limanowa, Malopolskie, Poland #283407

Can't be proven but when you have a Walmart where it appears most employees R hispanic and your continually insulted-what else could it be? If you complain its like speaking to a lawyer defending his legal position. Your shopping at the BEAST man!

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