Nelson, Minnesota
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MY review of walmart is that you suck. My favorite thing is that you cant even walk through walmart with out being hassled.

Very dissapointed that at every walmart weve been to weve been asked to step off to the side and show them our reciept out of a crowd of people with a carseat in one hand and a 20lb bag of dog food in the other hand. IDK if its a racist thing or wut but i am pissed off. Cause ill tell you wut im not about to steal a *** thing. Wut i carry in my wallet is probly about how much they make in a month at there petty little jobs and if you make us not welcome the people who made walmart can easily destroy it.

Im 23 and farther in life than the general managers. So thats wut grinds my gears about walmart.

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if you are farther in life than they are...

why in the world are you shopping at Walmart?


HA !!

ok you got served by these ladies...

nice job

just expect to show your reciept..

so what if they ask you.

have a great day.

:roll Something to think about...WHY doesn't Wal-*** put a sticker on their big items that has been purchased. This will indicate that the item has been paid for by the Wal-Mart Nazi greater at the exit.

It will give Wal-***'s "VALUED CUSTOMERS" their dignity by NOT MAKING THEM FEEL LIKE CRIMINALS!

:( ...I don't know - it's just logic to me...OH wait, Wal-*** doesn't have commonsense or COMMON CURTESY for THAT matter! :x

I don't know of a store that will let you out with an item no in a bag without seeing your receipt.


The reason you are being stopped in the first place is because they are required to check receipts for all merchadise not in a bag... not cuz they are racist...

you must have a guilty conscience or are racist your self....and now you talk *** on the people who work there nice..

a person who makes so much money and are further in life then the general managers should work harder on your education or get a spell checker because even the cashiers and door greeter spell better than you... wut (what) farther (further) ect ect..


Did you really think they were gonna just let you walk out the door with a carseat and a bag of dogfood without seeing a receipt? It may be a "petty little job" to you, but to many people it's what they depend on to pay their bills each month and to put food on the table. If you were in their position would you risk getting fired just to avoid insulting a snob such as yourself?

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