Morehead, Kentucky
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Why dont you carry the Sauercraut & the Hamburger filled Pierogies? You only carry the Potato stuffed & Cheese!

I have the meat ones & the Sauercraut sent to me by Friends in Indiana!! There are people who dont like the Potato or Cheese ones!!!!! I dont understand why you can get all 4 varities in Indiana & Illinois, but not in Kentucky1 Whats the problem? There are people with different taste!

You think Walmart would like to satisfy all peoples taste buds! Bring in some, I bet they sell better than the ones you carry!

Cant hurt, give it a try!! I know Ill buy them!!!!

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Seriously? This is a valid complaint?

Perhaps you should talk to a store manager to see if they will order these for you. In the Walmart stores where I live (in a southern state) pierogies aren't carried at all. It's because of the demographics of the people who live here.

They don't want to end up with unsold items. I'd buy them, but I'd be in the minority.