My family is "hooked" on the Pippin Ultimate Apple Pie that is only available at Walmart stores and recently, we can't find it at any of the Walmarts in our area! HELP!!!

We want you to start stocking it again... Please!! It is full of tart apples and a flaky crust and is very dependable to bake and taste the same way each time. And the price is very good for the type product that it is!

Recently, I purchased the small Walmart apple pie that has been added in it's place and it just isn't the same! My family complained and threatened not to eat it.

Review about: Plush Pippin Ultimate Pie.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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Well Anonymous!! Obviously you've never had scratch made pie and Plush Pippin Deep Dish Apple Pie!

If you grew up eating scratch made pie, you would definitely know the difference among pies in the frozen food section!! Get over yourself ***


Where are the Pippin Plush deep dish apple pies?? These are just as good, if not better than homemade!

My family loves these pies! Will they be back in stock at Walmart?

Is there another these can be purchased? Help!!!!


All of this for a stupid pie? It’s just a damn pie, get over it.

to Anonymous #1573806

Well obviously you have not had one or you would know. Yes, it's that good.


I totally agree!


I kept thinking you would bring them back Wal-Mart. My husband says the other apple pies are trash, and does not like brown sugar toppings.......and Pippin crust are the best.

He is really unhappy with you. He likes the zone bars. Sam's dropped them. He tried many before these.

Wal-Mart still stocks them. Let's see, Sam's dropped the frozen veal cutlets, one of the few items without additives. You really are testing our loyalty in many areas. Oh wait!!!!!!

You quit matching prices. I really do more shopping elsewhere now. I keep telling my husband maybe we should drop Sam's since we do less buying there now. Kept getting blindly milk in the summer which was one of my big savers--3 gal.

A week. If an item isn't a top seller, it is gone; but I bet Pippin was a steady. Shame on you.

I shop in stores in person just so you know. I can self check but don't really care for it.


It’s the only apple pie I really like. And I don’t just like it.

I LOVE it! I used to drive to the next town over just to buy a few and have them on hand because my hometown Walmart didn’t carry it. Now that one doesn’t have it either.

Wow is me! Midland, TX


Dear Walmart: The reviewers all have it right. The Pippin pies are an excellent pie; I'm not sure they can be beat, regardless of price.

I know shelf space is valuable, but a pie is not a "great value" if no one eats it and it goes in the trash, if you get my meaning. You need to charge another quarter?

-GOOD, sell them for $4.22 instead of $3.97 - WE DON'T CARE - just start stocking them again. Sincerely, your customers.


Please bring Pippin Apple Pie back!!!


I agree the great value apple pie tastes like card board plush pippin is better than homemade


Yes, yes! Please make these pies available again! Where can they be purchased, now?


Absolutely a delicious pie. The filling is really good and the crust is flaky.

Not enough Walmarts stock them though.

Very reasonably priced! Bring them back Walmart please.


I agree with everyone else, wonderful pippin pie. The Walmart brand was awful. Bring back the ultimate pippin pie.


I have also looked for ultimate apple pie at Walmart. they have replaced it with a small , yes a little cheaper but horrible pie I just tried tonight.

we r truly disappointed in Walmart. please bring it back and keep great price.


Agreed. I keep searching at out of the way Walmarts for overstocked Ultimate plush pippins. There is no comparison with those "great value" pies which are dreadful.


We agree, the pipin ultimate apple pie was the BEST! Tell Walmart to start carrying it again, the apple pie they have now is definately a "thumbsdown"!

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States #1294822

I totally agree. I keep looking for this pie in walmart freezer and I too have tried the replacement walmart brand pie.

It is not the same. Please walmart restock the pie and offer samples and I'm sure you can make a profit selling the Plus Pippin Apple PIE!!!!

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