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My family is "hooked" on the Pippin Ultimate Apple Pie that is only available at Walmart stores and recently, we can't find it at any of the Walmarts in our area! HELP!!!

We want you to start stocking it again... Please!! It is full of tart apples and a flaky crust and is very dependable to bake and taste the same way each time. And the price is very good for the type product that it is!

Recently, I purchased the small Walmart apple pie that has been added in it's place and it just isn't the same! My family complained and threatened not to eat it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Plush Pippin Ultimate Pie.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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Can't believe that Walmart hasn't brought them back. With so many unhappy customers you'd think they would.

Don't know why the Pippin company hasn't done more to distribute their pies. Doesn't seem like either company is interested in there loyal customers.


It’s a damn pie for crying out loud people, get over it already!!


Plush Pippin apple Pie is our very favorite. Although it is listed as being able to be purchased at Walmart Stores, I have been to quite a few in our surrounding area and no luck. Why are they being listed if Walmart no longer carries them?


I live in Stanford Kentucky and we lived the ultimate pippin apple pie and we haven’t been able to find it in our Walmart or any of the ones in surrounding towns! Bring it back!!!!!


The same has happened in the Texarkana, Texas area. The great value pie is the worst pie I've every been forced to eat.... Please restock Plush Pippin pie in local Walmart store..


Same has happened in northeast Florida. My local St.

Augustine Walmart quit carrying about 18 months ago. The Palm Coast Walmart had them and drov 15 miles to buy. Gentleman was stocking and I got the last 3 pies.

Said they were not going to receive anymore. Called corporate and complained.


What she said!


This is our favorite apple pie. Why can’t we find it anymore.

Ive looked in all the stores around town and it’s nowhere. I’d like to know what happened to them around the Texarkana area


It’s a stupid pie, get over it already people!! It’s not that important.


I loved it! Closest to homemade that I’ve found! It’s not a national emergency and I’ll be able to live without it but nothing wrong with registering a complaint!


If you've ever had this pie, you wouldn't leave a comment like this!!! They are the real deal!!!


I called the 1800 walmart complaint about why this pie is not in the walmart store by me, They could not give me a reason. I so upset with Walmart BS. I have been buying this pie for years.I really can't understand why walmart says they are all about the customers and how they stay in business.


We loved the Pippin Pies, the Great Value ones are terrible. Please bring them back.


I agree. I love the Plush Pippin Ultimate Apple Pie and no other Pie can compare.

I have been to several Walmart Store searching for the pies.

Please bring back the pies. BmooreType your message here


I agree. There is no other apple pie that can compare to the Plush Pippin Ultimate Apple Pie.

It was replaced with Walmart’s Great Value brand that tastes like cardboard. It is disgusting! I called the company today and was told the only place that carries them anymore are Walmart stores in Tennessee.

I hope Walmart has to throw out their stre brand because nobody buys them. Maybe they will smarten up and bring back what the customers want....Plush Pippin Ultimate Apple Pie!


Why does Walmart no longer stock this pie? We are hooked on them, also.

They were available in my area for ages, then they are gone. Walmart needs to quit doing this.

Consumers WANT this pie and are willing to pay for them. Is that a problem????????


The pie is delicious. We always kept an extra one in our freezmer.

What is wrong with walmart? The replacement pie is not good at all.


This is Walmart's loss as it makes it easies to shop else ware !They have a habit of getting rid of good things and substituting junk. Also Sheffield pork products are junk and the company is owned by the Chinese.


Add me to the list !!!!! They get a great apple pie and then stop supplying it. This really is starting to get under my skin !!!!!


Very unhappy with Walmart, kept Plush Pippin Pie on hand for last minute dessert. Always a crowd pleaser.

Learned of these pies from my mother. Please bring them back.

Better than homemade!! Unhappy in Ohio !!