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My family is "hooked" on the Pippin Ultimate Apple Pie that is only available at Walmart stores and recently, we can't find it at any of the Walmarts in our area! HELP!!!

We want you to start stocking it again... Please!! It is full of tart apples and a flaky crust and is very dependable to bake and taste the same way each time. And the price is very good for the type product that it is!

Recently, I purchased the small Walmart apple pie that has been added in it's place and it just isn't the same! My family complained and threatened not to eat it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Plush Pippin Ultimate Pie.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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Me to I’ve been in all the Birmingham, Alabama stores and the same thing I even drove 40 miles to two different Walmart’s that said they were in stock and when I got there and showed them all they could say is there is no item found even though they see it saying in stock to.


Thank you for posting. We only buy Pippin pies as well.

No longer available at our Walmart. Seems everything our family likes gets removed from Walmart.


Plush Pippin Apple pies are fantastic! But very hard to find. If I find them I buy all they have.


I love Plush Pippin Apple Pies. Major problem is they're extremely hard to find.

Last time I saw them in stock I bought all four that they had. I found one in a Publix which was odd.


Great value pie is carp.. Bring back deep dish pippin apple pie. They are great but can't find them and I have been looking for months.


It is truly one of the few pies sold at Wal-Mart that are worth buying. Excellent tasting, quality, and packaging. Good food is getting harder and harder to find.


Please return the pie to your stores. I promise you I will never, ever by Great Value, Mrs Smith or any of the other tasteless pies you stock. I’m beginning to wonder if you give a flip about customers anymore.


Please return Plush Pippin apple pies to Walmart! They are the best!!


Can't believe that Walmart hasn't brought them back. With so many unhappy customers you'd think they would.

Don't know why the Pippin company hasn't done more to distribute their pies. Doesn't seem like either company is interested in there loyal customers.


It’s a damn pie for crying out loud people, get over it already!!


But the best!


Plush Pippin apple Pie is our very favorite. Although it is listed as being able to be purchased at Walmart Stores, I have been to quite a few in our surrounding area and no luck. Why are they being listed if Walmart no longer carries them?


I live in Stanford Kentucky and we lived the ultimate pippin apple pie and we haven’t been able to find it in our Walmart or any of the ones in surrounding towns! Bring it back!!!!!


I live near Joplin MO 64801


The same has happened in the Texarkana, Texas area. The great value pie is the worst pie I've every been forced to eat.... Please restock Plush Pippin pie in local Walmart store..


Same has happened in northeast Florida. My local St.

Augustine Walmart quit carrying about 18 months ago. The Palm Coast Walmart had them and drov 15 miles to buy. Gentleman was stocking and I got the last 3 pies.

Said they were not going to receive anymore. Called corporate and complained.


What she said!


This is our favorite apple pie. Why can’t we find it anymore.

Ive looked in all the stores around town and it’s nowhere. I’d like to know what happened to them around the Texarkana area


It’s a stupid pie, get over it already people!! It’s not that important.


I loved it! Closest to homemade that I’ve found! It’s not a national emergency and I’ll be able to live without it but nothing wrong with registering a complaint!