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Found a huge bug in my coffee creamer after i used it all thats very disgusting and nothing was done about it and they claim to put constomers first

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Coffee Creamer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Check your own house.. Wal-Mart sells bug spray


My mama told me that once she went and bought a box of cream-of-wheat from 7-eleven and after she already made some for our family and we ate it, that she discovered that there were weevils in the box. She said she thought "Oh, what they don't know what hurt them!" She said that the reason that there were weevils in it was because it had probably been on their shelves for a long time because it was priced double what you could get it for at Kroger's.

i think that she should have walked down the street to 7-Eleven and demanded to get a refund. Once, in Cheyenne Wyoming, I bought a package of Bologna from this little mom-and-pop Chinese grocery store that was real close to where I lived. I got home and went to make a sandwich and discovered that the bologna was green.

I then looked at the expiration date and saw that it was past the expiration date. So I took it back to the mom-and-pop Chinese grocery store and showed the green bologna to the lady and she gave me my money back.


It seem entirely possible that the bug could have gotten into the container any of the multiple times you had it open while you were using it all. Even it if was there when you opened the sealed container, your complaint would be with the manufacturer, not the store you bought it at.




Wal mart is the manufacturer and there is no bugs at all. Around my place like that thank. U