I ordered a comforter, Valance, and a Lamp in the Mossy Oak pattern, and it came wrong as usual. The Valances didn't come at all but they sent 2 pair of curtains instead.

The items came with no packing slip of any kind. I have tried to get some information on returning the wrong items but the people on the Phone didn't have any idea about the difference between a Valance and a curtain . Seems as though the same people work in shipping too. There is no excuse for this problem.

I have no use for the curtains nor the rest of the order either, if I can't get what I ordered. The person I spoke too told me to take it back to the store to get a refund.

This will be my next move. There is no reason for this B.S.

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I ordered fancy feast cat food 3 different kinds. they sent me all the same kind of cat food.

seems like the people filling the orders to be shipped down read. I know they are like sweat shops for those employees but they will be out of jobs if we stop ordering so they better start getting it right before customers stop using them.

AMAZON never gets an order wrong!! (not saying they cant I just havent gotten one wrong from them)


Maybe try going to the store and doing your own shopping. Seriously, who orders cat food online? Are you a shut in or something?