Went to my local Wal-Mart today to grocery shop and decided to go to the toy department to check on a item that is very difficult to find for my granddaughter for Christmas..Lite Sprites. I have hd a hard time finding them months ago and did get the main one for $30.00.

There are 4 more that I wanted to find and I did find them in Wamart..ALL 4!!!

They are $14.87 each, I went to layawy and they tell me that each item has to be $15.00 ..well, with taxes it IS OVER $15.00 each..I even went to the store manager and she was not helpful either. I think this is ridiculous that Walmart is not willing to help the customer and work with the cutomer..we are still in a recesion and things are very tough out here..Very angry over this!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Not only can they not make exceptions for one without making exceptions for everyone else, as Bex said, but more often than not the register/system is set up to not even allow purchases below the $15 (before taxes) to be scanned into the layaway system.


Things like that might have to be before taxes (they should have explained that to you). And they have to keep up with the policy. If they let this slide, they will have to do the same for the others.

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