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I came in to the Dahlonega Georgia Walmart today to purchase toilet paper for my household and for my elderly disabled parents household which is two different households the lady that was overlooking the self check out by the name of Tammy tells me I can tell yall live in the same home and its one pack per house I explain to Tami my pattens are elderly and disabled as Tami proceeded to snatch the toilet paper out of my 15-year-old daughters hand and tell us that were not allowed to purchase it because only one per household as I explained to her again that one was for my household and the other was for my disable elderly parents she takes the tissue and she throws it into a quart behind her to then I go to customer service I speak to the manager Jessica I explained to the situation she tells me please go get the tissue I allow you to purchase it because everyone situation is different I go to get the tissue Tammy tells me if she wants the tissue she needs to come get it herself so I went back to customer service I told a customer service manager Jessica exactly what Tami has said she sent another customer service representative over to get my parents tissue so they could have tissue too. I do appreciate the quality of customer service that I was offered by Jessica but I do not appreciate the customer service that Tami provided today as well as I do not appreciate her snatching anything out of my 15-year-old child hand thats not her place nor was it appropriate.

User's recommendation: Remember to look out for your elderly and disabled during this crisis! If your cashier is disgruntled just ask for Jessica she is amazing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Walmart Pros: Self check out, Product availability.

Walmart Cons: Extremely rude cashiers, Rude and unhelpful employees.

Location: 270 Walmart Way, Dahlonega, GA 30533

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They limit 1 to a customer to stop hoarding. Tammi did the right thing.

Everyone can walk up and say they are buying more than one for a relative, shut in friends or neighbors. Keep it to 1 and no one scams the system.


White MEN allowed to hoard at Walmart, everyone else gets NOTHING.

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