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Was online at 12:00am to be safe for Black Friday. Walmart's ad stated a 32" Emerson Tv would be available both in store and online. This tv never became available on line, I refreshed the page every 30 seconds for 6 hours. The page always said out of stock online, but of corse the more expensive tvs were available.

Walmart's ad, in my opinion was decieving. I will no longer be a customer. This might be the start of a Kmart comeback!

Also I remember the Good Old Days when they advertised made in the USA, Good Luck finding that now!

Monetary Loss: $130.

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I did the same thing for the Vizio deal this morning. Woke up before the sale was supposed to start and refreshed the page every thirty seconds for 7 hours and it was still out of stock.

the same tv that was available the day before for $459.00 online and in-store was out of stock online and not carried in stores.


i totally agree. I woke up at 2:30a.m.

To go to my walmart in hermitage pa to get an early headstart to be there for the 5am deals. Got there at 3 only to find out the tv i wanted was sold at 10pm. I was never really a big walmart customer. If anything i would avoid walmart at all costs.

I am very irritated at this and i am right now trying to put together an anti-walmart day in my area to start. Then maybe move state-wide the country-wide.

I truly hope ur next shopping experience anywhere is much better then walmarts experience. I know i wont be going back.