Greenville, South Carolina

Well,I was going to complain about wal-mart.But there are so many complaints on here about wal-mart,I dought if anyone would ever get around to reading it.Just like the people at wal-mart might not get around to helping you.Just remember,If you go to your local wal-mart The person helping you ,just might be your next door nabor.Yea i know my spelling sucks,but you know what im talking about.Have a nice day.Well,i didn't have enough words in my complaint so i had to add some more to get it to go through.

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are you drunk or high?


You make no sense at all ***!


Jim Nabors works at Walmart?


"Yea i know my spelling sucks,but you know what im talking about."

Actually, I don't. I've read your "complaint" a few times and still have no idea what in the *** you're talking about. Did you have a point to make or are you just using your mommy's computer to talk trash?