I worked at Wal-Mart for 3 and a half years.I was never late and never called off.All my evaluations were very good.Well I got fired for a very *** reason.I got no warning or coachings.wal-mart is the most *** up place to work and all there stuff is junk.

I did a very good job there and they fire me because they want to get rid of all the full time employees so they don't have to pay for their benefits.They only care about making money and they don't care whos lives they ruin.

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I hate walmart too. about a year ago, walmart made a comment to the press that the average employee makes 9.00 an hour.

i laughed so hard. if you make that much they are already looking for a way to get rid of you.

payroll is so much more important to them than quality. :( there are so many other places to work.

Dunn, North Carolina, United States #5943

I worked at Wally World just long enough to put my husband through school. It is by far the worst job I ever had.

I was a cashier, but was moved to the bakery about 2 weeks before I quit.

I actually wouldn't have minded staying in the bakery because I really liked it (didn't have to deal with customers :p ), but they had cut me back from almost 40 hours a week to 8. Don't you just love how they keep you just short of 40 hours a week so they don't have to pay out benifits :roll

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