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Since When do you think it okay for your customers too be treated like crap? Inside your walmart, St.

Charles location. I've been having an problem with your electronic department for an dvd. Your employee, don't know her name, its not onto the recepit after making the purchase. and her name tag was covered by her hair.

I was so furious at her, and didn't ask for her name. And walked away. she kept onto pushing the cell phones onto all of the customers, demanding too see their cell-phones.

And this not the first time, that she has done this. She is way out of the line, really rude and arrogant.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To: Walmart Pissed Consumer.Agreed. I am aware of the bad customer service at this company.

When i was in line too go too the register. I saw two employees that were racist. They were speaking about customers behind their backs.

They were making fun of their skin color, and the way they speak. It makes me so mad and sad there there is so much hate into this world today.


To Durpa: customers do have compassion until they are treated like crap. When the sales associates put the pressure into the customers for not buying something they are not buying!

Clearly you never worked into retail, and you don't understand no employee should be rude and arrogant too the customers when they are doing nothing wrong. The only people who are entitled are people like you thinking that is okay and too get an raise out of people for no reason!


Durpa: Wow. learn too read before commenting. You're always so rude and arrogant.


Dupra: Wow. You're always so hateful and arrogant.

you're an jerk too others. Well, when the employee being mean and rude and ask the same question over and over again, into an row its an bit much.

Guess you need too read before commenting. maybe you should do yourself and everybody else an favor, and you could go *** yourself.


Let me educate you tardlet! She has a sales goal she has to hit every day or be fired!

So how about showing a little compassion!

You do t do her job so you have no idea of the pressure she is under from her bosses. I guess your self entitlement is so vast it blinds you to other HUMAN BEINGS!


Not true, whatever the "pressure" this sales person is under it pales in to comparison of a actual career. And the sales person is way out of line to take this "pressure" out on a paying customer.

Human Beings? Perhaps, but take a good hard look at the average Walmart employee, well...Human is setting the bar a bit high.


To Anonymous: 15 Hours Ago. Here's what i was think the review was about, when the person was paying for something at electronic department, the cashier was pushing the cell-phones onto the person was buying something else, like and dvd or video game other than an cell-phone.

And the cashier being rude and arrogant.

And they never have the employees names onto the receipt. It happens too the best of us, sometimes these employees are way out of line.