Phoenix, Arizona

WalMart in cottonwood and checked out the self check out would not except cash so went to stand in line at 20 items or less check stand.Women in front of me had more than 20 items.

Lisa the casher yelled at women , degraded the women and down right pissed off. She or he (it was very had to tell if this was a man or a women)throw her items thru scanner.

What happen to customer service? Has Wal-Mart got that big that we have to put up with bad customer service?

I have never had such a bad experience at a store. Wal-Mart


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The way she went about it was certainly in the wrong, but honestly, I think they should be able to ask them to go to another checkout lane. The problem with this is regardless how politely one requests, it's still considered bad customer service, unfortunately.


WRONG they never refuse I have been shopping at Walmart for over 40 years and they have NEVER said anything to customers for more items over the limit, though sometimes I wish they had. The cashier was clearly on a power trip or mad because the customer before called himher a mam or sir. It is annoying for those of us that have 4 or 5 items have someone that is unable to count go through the express line (20 items or less) with 22 or 23 items...20 items or less means 20 items or less not 2 or 3 more.


Although the cashier shouldn't have yelled at the person who had more than 20 items, they definitely can REFUSE to check them out & make them join the back of one of the 'non-express' lines. This is what she should have done.

This is to keep the express lines fast moving - as they are intended to be, for you, the customers benefit.

If they start allowing idiots who can't read the item limit to use it for loads of items then it'll become just as slow as any of the other lanes & customers will complain to her manager about her.

Although her customer service was poor, the tool who used her lane for a large number of items was being a ***. If I see people like that in the lines I ask them to move to another 'non-express' lane.

@Reading problem??

Actually, Walmart cashiers are NOT allowed to refuse a customer with over 20 items. We get coached if we do.