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Not to mention Walmart has a conspiracy against busting people for theif *reliously* The have a conspiracy again there people walking in their stores. They have many issues with their securty gaurds, Self Pay stysem they will not fix, busting people if you have more then 35.00 in food or whatever not paid.

Not to mention they have gone through my purse security taken anything i ever bought at Walmart. With their tags, stealing from me. I was a regular shopper. Spending over 200.00 or more weekly on m=food ect...When they tried to ask for my cart , i let them go through everything of coarse.

There was over 35.00 so NO i have a misdeminator ,LOst my Nursing Job because i am not trustworthy. Then on top of it I have lost 4 yrs of work which is about 400,000.00 dollars to me for a 35.00 that didnt get rang up on their *** up machines, also i should never have been busted in the first place their Walmarts Issues and i had everything else in my filled cart paid for over 350.00 worth of groceries, clothes & food that particular day. Insted of a thank you for being a costomer i am busted, even though i never left the store & offerd to pay with the cash i had on me. Not to mention when i got to *COURT* they had the entire courtromm filled with the exact problems form WalMART...Theres hundred's of people daily going through these same issues on their self paid machine arent perfect, i asked how many people look at their tickets ???

I never left the building!!! They stole from meeee & was Abused by their security guard roughly for reaching for my cell phone to call family. Right in front of everyone i was abused & Not one person did anything!!! Its funny because for 46 yrs i have had absolutly a clean recorde, only 4 speeding tickets not even an accident in my entire life.

And since then i am completely a good costomer. Walmart Knows about these issues and doesnt nothing except put billions into their stores for security to bust more people except alot of these people like me are innocent people!!!!!! Stand up for your rights people!!! Step in and help people who are wronged in America.

I will tell you that this company i will not ever spend a dime in this store the rest of my life.Thats exactly whyyyy Walmarts loosing money & NO ONE WANTS TO MAKE CHINA RICH OR YOU MORE BILLIONS WHNE YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ANY ISSUES IN THIS STORE OR FOR THE PEOPLE. I AM SICK TO DEATH TO KNOW YOU ARE HERE IN AMERICAN SOIL GO SOMEPLACE ELSE!!!!!!


Reason of review: pissed off!!!! .

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: I hate walmart, Pissed.

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Maybe you're just to incompetent to use self checkouts.


I agree with the rest. Also, you DID NOT pay for some of that.

So how are they stealing from you?

Lol. As they say in that movie with Jason Bateman, "Pay yo bills, Randy!".


Your extremely long winded, whining complaint doesn't make any sense. You could have said exactly the same thing in half the words.

I have a hunch there was a very good reason that you ended up in court. I am also sure that if the items that weren't paid for never made it up to the counter to be scanned.


She ended up in court because she stole. Plain and simple.

If you start out the doors with unpaid merchandise, that is considered stealing, no matter how much you spent that day. Stealing is a crime and you should get busted for it, and you should no longer be a nurse because of our.

I don't want a thief treating me when I go to the hospital. I thought that nurses had have at least a basic education, which is not the impression I get from this poster.