Hollywood, Florida


just a short note to let you know someone needs to take notice that the management in Okeechobee store needs HELP . A recent visit today was proof for me as my wife and I waited 44 min. for a person to take down plastic 18 gal tote lids.We were in the garden center when this event transpired .After waiting 15 min.for a operator for the lift to arrive, I went to the main customer service desk to get a person ,as the attendants ,there was 4 trying to locate the operator,(we thank the nice attendants,Debbie ,patsy,2other no name tag) On the way to the customer service desk I

passed an attendant and ask him if he could help getting the merchandise that I had purchased his name was Youric He told me that that was not his department (garden area) .Asking him where I could find a manager he directed me to the front of the store I assumed customer service as that would be the only place I could get help.After going there the nice attendant (no name) said the Operator for the lift was on his way.i went back to the garden center (I am cripple and slow)still no operator but now we have the 4 attendants another attendant and there was YOURIC remember he could not help me before he was the assistant manager as I found out.at this time 34 min after purchasing the merchandise. The point is (1) one operator for lift in store, more training needed !!!!!!,too long of a wait , I considered it rude of Youric not to have time for me(customer) and passed me off and send me in a different direction hoping for the best(he had no time for me) no customer service from him at all. 42 min passed since I purchased my merchandise the only person in the store that could operate the lift shows up and retrieved my merchandise that I had bought 44 min. before.

As local business people we understand that corrections in our business practices is what brings in more customers (this event warrants improving management ).More attendants to operate the lift.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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