Bethel, Maine

i took my grandchilden will not do that again they was not sure what they were doing it was bad i will not go back thats for sure walmart in auburn maine u suck . i wish u knew what the *** u was doing .

them girls was on there cell phones texting wth......i wanted to get them done for xmas and u messed up ... i had a appt at 10 and got out at 1.30 now u tell me with a 10 month old little girl and a 4 year old little boy ya no fun thanks for nothing

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Obama has you people trained right.


Are you 10 years old or do you just type and act like it? Grow up!


Picture Me is not ran by Walmart they just lease out a space through them


think anonymous work for WalMart studios. I have seen there work . I will not

give them my money.


Since when do the photo studios in WalMart make appointments? Also those photographers aren't trained professionals.

If you want professionals maybe you should take your family to a regular photo studio, not one inside a store. Did you get the pictures taken? If so you still have them for Christmas. If you were there for 3 1/2 hours you must have had the pictures taken, so therefore you have them.

From your spelling and grammar, I have doubts that you are the kids grandparent. You sound more like a teenager.