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This is our first writing ever to any store or organization.

My son and I went to Walmart this morning Sunday December 15, 2013 at 6:30 AM. We got there a little before 7:00 AM and stayed in the line. We were # 10 person in the line. My son had called Walmart the night before and talked to the Electronic associate and was informed that Walmart will have PlayStation 4 in for sale at 8:00 AM. While we were in the line we heard from some people in line that Walmart has 12 playstation 4 on hand and we should have a paper indicating you were in the line.

Around 7:45 I went to talk to two walmart associates (Dan and another girl) and I asked them that my son and I are waiting in line and we heard we should have a paper saying that we are in the line. They said NO first come first serve. So I went and stayed with my son in the line.

At 7:55 AM I went and asked Dan (the associate) again that there is couple people came in and they are behind us but they have paper that they were given last night by store Manager (Steve). Dan said yes I was just told. I asked to talk to manager. Assistant manager came and said yes we have 12 playstation 4 and 12 papers given to people who were on line last night by Store Manager Steve. I asked to talk to Steve. Steve told me the same thing no paper no playstation. Steve and assistant manager keep telling me “you are not listening no paper no playstaion 4”. I thought that was very rude. The fact was Steve keep saying I am off today there is no playstation for us. He was the one didn’t want to hear anything.

I thought we were in the line #10 and should have been given a playstation 4. Why store manager give people the papers and tell them they do NOT need to stay in line waiting? I think this was very wrong and Walmart should do something about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Sounds like the BLACK FRIDAY nightmare all over again. Sad but this is how wallyworld works.

EMPLOYEES friends got the paper and all your standing in line means nothing. You need to buddy up to an employee!


Are you talking about today or about Black Friday? The front page of the WalMart ad that I received today, has your TOY on it and it says limited quantities, but doesn't say a word about the sale starting at a specific time.

If you are talking about today, the current ad was on their web site last night about 10:30PM. Maybe you should have been looking online and being WalMart is open 24/7, got your booty out there about midnight. Myself I would rather pay more for an item than stand in line for an hour or more to get a sale price.

If you can't afford to pay more for something, you don't need it very bad. Being they are open 24/7, and they had them in stock when your son called, doesn't mean that the supply didn't drastically go down over night.

Dallas, Texas, United States #758781

Maybe instead of you letting your son call Walmart,You should have called yourself then you would have been aware of how many PlayStation 4's was available. This is your fault not Walmart's.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #758768

Typical WalMart. You are supposed to know that you needed a paper and it is very difficult for a WalMart worker to actually know what is going on and not give out erroneous information. I suggest going elsewhere to buy anything.

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