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This is running on Current TV regularly. It talks about the employee abuse, the low pay to foreign sweat factories and the cities that have fought and won to keep walmart out of their towns!

It shows many small business going under because of the walmart takeover. There are so many people that go to walmart for everything. Wonder where your local quick shop went? It has been devoured by your local walmart.

Walmart is one of the biggest monopoly's out there. or did I mean the biggest seller of monopoly? Look at how many discrimination cases they have pending.

They have a giant rug they like to sweep things under! Wanna have no jobs at all except at wally world, low pay and no benefits, just keep shopping there.

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Naples, Florida, United States #603204

If you do not like Walmart do not work or shop there. AS for the small businesses, blame YOURSELF the CUSTOMER for the small mom and pop places for going under. If YOU the CUSTOMER stop shopping at Walmart then the mom and pop places will still be in business.

Complaints like this are so freaking *** they should be pulled.

to LadyScot Warsaw, Ohio, United States #603207

Lady you call yourself a Lady? really?

Obviously you do shop at Walmart or work there! I do not!

So don't talk about **** you don't know anything about. I think your dumb *** comment should be removed!

to benthere Naples, Florida, United States #603211

Do you work at Walmart?

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