I shop in greenville pa walmart. You can hardly find someone to help you ,but before thanksgiving I was hunting for a ham ,I finally found a guy in the meat department area, dark brown hair AND BROWN GLASSES wish I got his name he was so helpful, someone page him he said he would be right there as he was with a customer , said I was sorry taking him away from his job he said I .am doing my job helping you.

Today 12/2/2011 I was looking for a bathroom cleaner that was for septic tanks . ask assit manager she look at the bottle. I said it doesn't tsay you can use in a septic tanks . She didn't take the time to go back and help me to find one , she was just standing there talking to friends.

I went back and kept trying to figure what I could use. Than I spotted another employee putting stuff away I ask him and he found what I needed showed me what ones I could use and the one I was holding that the manager said was all right wasn't .

The young fellow name was Cory and I think you need to give him one of your yea walmart. It's been awhile since I've seen a worker in walmart willing to give you there time.

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