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09/10/2019 I talked at length to the female who answers the phone at the Plush Pippin Company in Washington State (I forget the town?) She told me that the only way now for me to get my Plush Pippin Ultimate Deep Dish Apple Pies was to walk into their bakery. No more Amazon or Walmart buy online.

I even tried to bribe her with "buy me as many frozen pies as you can get inside a cooler" and I'll pay you well (probably double what you've paid in the bakery for the pies) and provide a fedex account number to ship those pies to me overnight. No go, she laughed me off. And yes, I was serious! Walmart has the crummiest fruit pies made - They ALL Suck!

The closest I've come was a chance apple pie in Save Alot. Brought it home - Great apple taste but a little to much crust. went right back two days later - No more pies and the stock person said there may not be any more. There is no other apple pie but a "Plush Pippin Ultimate Deep Dish Apple Pie".

I have one left in my freezer that's about 6+ months old and I'm afraid to bake it because I'm pretty sure that I'll never get another one. Bon Appetit

Reason of review: Stopped Selling The Best Apple Pie Ever.

Monetary Loss: $999999.

Preferred solution: Reorder These Pies.

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