Walmart will not take any electronic item back after 90 days. There is a bright green dot in the middle of the screen and poloroid will not exchange it for a new one even though it is only 4 months old.

They said unless the dot is at least as big as a dime we will have to live with it!

They don't say that in the paperwork that states there is a 1 yr warranty!!!

Would not advise anyone to buy a polaroid product.!!!!

What do we have to do to get satisfaction? Polqroid should be out of business

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90 days doesn't matter. I contacted Polaroid about my 19'' LCD that stopped working and even though it was within the warranty period, they refused to fix it


i bought a 37 in polaroid lcd and about 14 mo it stoped working the blue light would come on but no picture, i took it apart and shure enough 2 of the caps are blown,( caps look like 1/2 in tall and round kinda like a cylinder shape ) these act somewhat like a fuse if they are good they will be flat or a little sunk in if they are bad they will bow out on the top kinda like a frozen can of pop. they are located on the back of your tv there is a panel 3 screws take that off and *** the next panel under that then *** the top board ( the smallest board ) and the caps are green on mine and the board is black.

replace with 2 1000 uf 35v caps from radio shack or your tv shop or take the board to the tv shop and have them do it. iv searched the internet alot about this prblem and this is the about everyones problem PS....my tv shop told me to though it away and then i fixed it my self for 5 dollars and 23 cents thank you for reading this long *** post..........twistedonline@ya


Polaroid sells Junk!!!! I have a Polaroid 42" LCD TV that I bought brand new from Wal -mart 14 months ago that just quit working!! I took it to a local repair shop the guy just laughed at me and said throw it in the trash their not worth repairing.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #14891

After 90 days for a defective item you need to contact the manufacturer. Is that so difficult?

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