Toronto, Ontario

I was shopping at Walmart. At first they would not allow me to shop because they wanted to close early.

However the manager allowed me to shop and I had 30 minutes to do my shopping. I was supposed to do some grocery shopping. Then I remembered I ran out of Christmas cards. They had a very few selection of Christmas cards in the store and none of them appealed to me.

When I told the manager that they did not have the cards I wanted. He told me they were sold out. I told him he was lazy and most likely they were in the back and I would not leave the store until he got them for me. The store closed at 8pm and I refused to leave and the Police were called.

They told me that I had to leave the store. When I told the police officer that I refused to leave until the manager produced the cards he sided with the manager and told me to leave the store. At this time it was 9pm. He told me that If i did not leave the store I would be arrested.

I had to leave my groceries. I guess some people wont be getting Christmas gifts this year. I asked for his badge number and told him I would report him for police brutality.

He told me to go ahead.

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How'd that work out for you? Just wondering.


You need professional help.You cannot make a company have something that they do not have.Are you on some type of "Meds"If not you certainly need to be?


The original poster has an exaggerated sense of entitlement for one reason or another. Your right, she is ***.

Glad I'm not married to her! But I guess some guys will marry anything.


THis ridiculous complaint can't be real. No one is this ***.


Seriously? You go to Walmart at closing time on Christmas Eve and expect them to have any cards left.

How *** *** are? You officially win the award for not only procrastinator of the year but biggest *** *** of the year. Its Christmas Eve at closing time they sold out and you should've been thankful they had any cards left at all. That is what you get for waiting till the last minute dumb@ss.

Its not police brutality its called stupidity for procrastinating you ***.

Too bad they didn't tase you. Nice job ***.