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couponing and or price matching at Wal-Mart to try to save time and money. I personally have been couponing for about a year now, I have had 1 issue after the other.

Recently Wal-Mart employees csm's here in my Hermiston area have decided to start treating couponer/ price matchers as thieves and have become completely disrespectfully and nasty towards. For instance whispering pointing coming over whispering in the cashiers ears while checking me out. No one recognizes the walmart policy. I have spoken to the manager and he has told me i am doing it correctly.

( but obviously his employees have not been trained well) I and several fellow persons have called the 800 Wal-Mart customers service number to complain bout the way we are treated at the store. Their answer is this, well every manger has the right to implement their own policy. ( ignoring the poor treatment by csm. Really????

Does that mean their csm's have the right to treat people as they wish. We have all been harassed. brought to tears and embarrassed over and over again by Wal-Mart employees and enough is enough. This big corporation thinks that our complaints are frivolous and could really care less about them.

In fact on one of my many calls to the 800 number I asked for the actual phone number to the head quarters and they informed me they do not give it out to the public, I was so angry at this point (this was about the 6th call I had made to them) I said really, well good thing I have Internet and hung up and of course found the number on the Internet. Why is Wal-Mart 800 number trying to prevent us from calling Wal-Mart headquarters? It makes me really think Wal-Mart could care less about anyone but themselves, yet where would they be without us their consumers. I wonder if Wal-Mart realizes how much money they will lose when we all stop shopping their because of the way they treat us?

I know I average $300 a week in coupons. (not counting what I do not buy with coupons) For every coupon I use Wal-Mart gets reimbursed face value of the coupon plus $.08. So lets say each of my coupons were for $1 off, Wal-Mart actually makes an extra $40 a week from me shopping there. I know of at least 15 other people who do the same thing so if you factor in this Wal-Mart actually makes an extra $600 a week above what ever their profit is on the products we buy.

So really Wal-Mart what are you going to do when we start boycotting your stores? The mangers are rude and disrespectful and treat us like garbage, when we ask them to enforce their corporate coupon/price match policy, and in the end we are doing absolutely nothing wrong other then trying to shop according to their coupon policies. Should we have to leave the store in tears being humiliated, angry and embarrassed? I think not.

Since Wal-Mart does not want to address this issues with the few of us that are complaining, maybe they will start listening to us when thousands of customers are complaining and making this issue well known. We deserve to be treated just as important as the next customer whether we are using coupons/price matching or not! Oh and by the way I just recently found out a few of my local Walmart employees are not only whispering and point at us they are also gossiping through the community as this is a small town . Alls i can say is ...

Really Wal-Mart shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last time i checked csm meant customer service manager (sad)

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service, Management.

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Ever since the couponing "craze" started people have been trying their best to get something for nothing. For instance, buying 10 packs of disposable razors @ $3.97 apiece then trying to use a $4.00 off coupon off each one that is for one Gillette non disposable razor at $12.00.

Then they get mad and tell the cashier, They took at the other stores, or my favorite, the store is out of these so I'm getting this instead. It doesn't work that way. It has to be exactly what is stated on the coupon. Brand, size, color etc..no bonus packs.

If a coupon says $2.00 off of two 6 oz. tubes of crest toothpaste, that means 2 separate tubes not a double pack or two 50¢ travel sizes. Price matching also has to be exact. The store does not get reimbursed for coupons that do not exactly match the items.

If it doesn't scan then there is a reason for that and the cashier isn't going to hand key just because you say so. Its people like you that make it hard for everyone else. Just because you don't get what you want doesn't mean the employees aren't trained well. It simply means that you are greedy and can't take no for an answer.

What makes you think that thousands of customers are going to stop shopping there because a few people are mad because they can't get over on the company??? Adhere to the store policy and you won't leave there feeling embarrassed. Anyone that leaves crying over coupons has some serious issues. Walmart is a multi- billion dollar company.

Do you really think their worried about you taking your coupons someplace else??? Lol


The fact that these people cannot take no for an answer and mistake that as bad customer service, rudeness ect makes me wonder if some of these posters are in fact two years old.


Why do I get the feeling that you are mistaking being told no, or that you cannot do something as rudeness? 300 coupons a week, no wonder they don't want to deal with you.

I bet the people behind you in line are pissed as well. This averages to 42 or 43 coupons a day. The cashiers were not rude to you. If they ripped your coupons in half that would be rude.

You think that losing $600 a week is going to break a multi billion dollar company? If you use 300 coupons a week as well as your friends then you deserve to leave the store embarrassed. If not being able to use your coupons makes you cry you have issues.

Hey for every thousand customers leaving Walmart because they did not get what they wanted there will be a thousand leaving their competitor for the same reason. Customer service does not mean giving in to an adult throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old child when they don't get what they want.


Anybody that uses that many coupons a week is a real pain you know where to the employees and other customers. I completely understand why the employees might point and whisper about you.

There are actually stores that are willing to only take a very few coupons since this *** couponing craze took over. As far as price matching goes, the only way it works is if you buy the exact some brand, size, etc. It can't be similar, it has to be exact. What makes you think thousands of people will be complaining about you *** couponing.

As far as that goes when you use coupons you have buy the same identical product listed on the coupon. If you are brought to tears by something so piddly you can't be very mature and should take your parents with you when you go shopping. Why would you be humiliated and embarrassed by this, unless you have done something to create a scene, which I highly suspect you did. Myself, if I were you, rather than over buying products just because you have a coupon or coupons for the item, I would worry about improving my capitalization and punctuation skills, which yours are sadly lacking.

How can you possibly use all of the products that you buy every week? It doesn't make sense.

First Born Triplet

Hey at least she is not doing the Married With Children penny paying thing by paying for all her items in pennies. How did they have jars full of pennies.

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One couple had a jar full, about the size of a bottle of peanut butter. Another couple in their eighties had two whole ten gallon jars full.