I go in to Wal-Mart in Gonzales, Texas 78629 several times a week for different items. I notice that on a regular basis I see customers backed up in the isles because there are only two checkers and Wal-Mart employees are walking all around the store.

And then I go back in the store either the same day or the next day or two and there are four or five checkers and only a few customers and two or three of the checkers are not doing a thing.

I find it extremely irritating to be having to wait while looking at all the empty registers.

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The staffing situation is such that only a set number of cashiers are scheduled to work certain parts of the day. When one or more cashiers call in it is usually the reason for so few registers to be running and lines to be so long.

It's just as frustrating for the cashiers who did show up for work as it is for the customers who have to wait. I've left work after an entire 8 hour shift that was short-staffed looking like I'd been through war and could quite possibly be suffering PTSD.

It sucks for everyone.

Varkaus, Eastern Finland, Finland #34999

Dear Cashier, patience may be a virtue, but I have to say that at my local WalMart the situation is the same. I find it ridiculous that every time I go in there I have to wait up to 45 minutes to check out.

Others I know have the same problem at WalMarts throughout the state. It's a company wide problem and there is only so much patience a person has to give.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #32885

Does George Bush run the store, because sounds like some silly foolish thing he would do.


I am a cashier at another big store (not Walmart) in MN and we are one of the biggest and busiest of the stores of the company in MN and this happens a lot. However, you have to realize that not all employees and Walmart are cashiers. The ones walking around are probably people who work in other departments. A lot of people avoid cashiering because it is usually the most frustrating and stressful job in the store. I know that our store is currently short-staffed due to people leaving for school and whatnot and sometimes we are only able to have a couple checkouts open at the time. I know that this is annoying, but at the same time, we are doing our best. It's not like we only have a couple open to make you mad. Sometimes it is just the way it has to be due to restraints. So please bear with us in the service industry. We are doing our best (at least I am).

ps. patience is a virtue

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