Washington, District Of Columbia

Went To Walmart Off Tower Road In Denver - Aurora To Purchase A Lap-top Computer Floor Manager Was Rude To Me On 4-5-2012 No Product They Had Sent Us To Another Location Said They Had 2 There. Found Out They Didn't Have None Either.

A Run-Around Should Put A Sign On The Product Saying Out-Of-Stock Did Not Or Gave Us A Rain-Check On The Item.Then Said To Me Why We Shop There In The First Place.

I Ask Myself The Same Question. Never Have The Product,And Rude And Poor Servive At The Electronics Dept.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Whoopdie doo. You had to shop around for something you wanted. Get a life.


I'm p i s s - *** e d drunk right now and I still have better grammar than you. I'm glad you know how to use the shift key, but every word does not need to be capitalized.