I don't know how many times I have been to a Walmart to ask for help about something (where to find something) and an employee says "I don't work in this department" and walks off. The atmosphere for helping customers is so minimal.

It would be courteous to at least direct customers to someone who can help or call on a radio to get help. I don't think employees at Walmart understand how to treat customers as a number one priority.

After all, without customers, they wouldn't have job. I would like to see more employees at Walmart with better customer service skills.

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You get minimal help because stores are understaffed. One employee is generally given the work of 5 people.

They don't have time to hold your hand and direct you to every item you need. It is like this so the managers and the other tptb can get bigger bonuses and more money.

More employees to pay for means a smaller bonus for management. You are pointing fingers at the wrong people.

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You poor, poor baby. I really have doubts about what you are saying.

I never have that problem at any of the WalMarts that I go to. Maybe it is your attitude.

However, when I do ask for help, I am in the general area of the store, where it should be.

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