I bought a TV online, went to the store on 9745 Roosevelt blvd, phila pa, to pick it up,waited for anybody to attaned to me for 1 and 1/2 hrs!!! Everybody is just walking around and do nothing, store manager couldnt be found for almost an hour!

This was by far the most horrible experience i ever had at any store picking up the product.There were a lot of other upset customers around. I would not recommend anyone to buy anything online at Walmart, so you do not waist your time picking it up, the store was just on my way to work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Austin, Texas, United States #715641

Lol the person knocking the person from Sioux Falls has to work on a *** *** place like WalMart with all that defending they're doing. Maybe if u didn't have WalMarts nuts in ur mouth u would think clearly.

Lmao thousands of people wouldn't be complaining for no reason ***! ;)


That is a REALLY long time! I think you should file a complaint on the Walmart website!

Wentworth, South Dakota, United States #715012

Did you buzz for assistance? Another thing, anytime I have delivered anything site to store from WalMart, the paperwork that I receive by email, says the site to store department is only open for certain hours.

You might have seen employees wandering around, but were they from that particular department or were they at the end of their shift or arriving for a new shift? You are awfully quick to jump to conclusions. You could also have went to customer service and ask for somebody to be paged back to that department. You do have the option when you order online from WalMart to pay for shipping and have it sent to your home.

You don't have to choose to have it shipped site to store. "blvd" should be capitalized, as should Philadelphia, PA. You waited for 1 1/2 hours for "anybody" should be "somebody" to "attaned" you.

How about "attend?" Then you didn't do any spacing between sentences. Before you criticze other people you should make sure you are perfect.

to anonymous Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, United States #715053

Before you correct someone else for improper use of English, you should take a few grammar lessons yourself.

What the h,e,l,l, are you saying in your sentence, "You could also have went ...". Could have went, wth?

Be sure you study the chapters on the proper and improper use of commas. Your usage is laughable.

"Before you criticze (quoted as written) other people you should make sure you are perfect." (Albeit poorly written, the sentence makes the point).

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