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Okay I can leave with the fact I was told they would not do an oil change because my odometer was not working, told policy. But let's get real I am going through express checkout cause I wanted to purchase chew and they card my son cause he was with me, really I am forty nine years old and this guy is drilling my son not listening to me at all. Come on let's get real he was with his parent who was buying not the kid trying to buy. Then tried to call and discuss with,manager and put on hold and forgotten twice. Really

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Wouldn't chewing tobacco be in the same category as cigarettes and there is an age limit for buying cigarettes. Store policy or not, there are always rules to be followed.

If the customers aren't doing anything wrong why complain about being carded. For all the cashier knew the man could have been buying for a minor, thereby contributing.

to anonymous #816498

Yes there is a age limit and this man is for sure old enough.He was not breaking the law.Walmart was not breaking the law if they sold to him.It is just store policy not the law.And if some employee of walmart was drilling my minor child I would have told them very kindly where they can stick that chew.

to Anonymous #816445

Chew is not a drink it is chewing tobacco.Walmart would not have broken the law because the man is 49.By law it does not matter who is with you as long as the person buying it is legal age.This is just a store policy that will just cause them to lose customers.


You must be that desperate for a drink if you want them to break the law just to serve you. If your son was with you they have to card everyone

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