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We were the 16th day after purchase of a tablet. It stopped working properly two weeks after we purchased it.

This tablet is a birthday gift for a 100 year old lady. They wouldn't exchange it. Not only were one day late on returning it but they say they are carrying the item, there's a spot for it, but they're not keeping it in stock. Yes, we can return the item to the manufacturer but there's no way to receive it on her birthday now.

They don't care. "Policy is policy" and apparently their policy is to make sure the consumer gets a royal screwing. I guess I wouldn't be quite so angry but it's the third time in a short period of time that they have been nasty and uncooperative and the last two times we weren't even late. The other two times, that were non-electronic, they were just nasty though they did exchange the items after keeping me waiting for an hour even while having a receipt.

Believe me when I say... I will NOT be buying much at Walmart ongoing. I'm tired of long lines, poor customer service and bad exchange and return policies. I may not be their biggest buyer but my money is just as green!

I'll walk before I put up with this place any longer.

It's not ONE store... there were 4 involved for these returns and exchanges and it was the same at all of them.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $163.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Return policy, Lack of stock.

  • defective electronics products
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Issue was resolved after complaint was made to corporate.



After an explanation and complaint filed with the corporate office by me, I received a call from them. They agreed with my dispute and have decided they will exchange the item.

I want to be fair and say thank you for listening and resolving the issue Walmart. I hope this is a small indication that they are somewhat returning to their old standards but we'll see.


"I'll just stick with those that I think are less greedy and obnoxious then the others!"

Well I would steer clear of Best Buy then. I shop at Best Buy all the time and haven't had a problem, however I do know their return policy is the same time frame of 15 days and I doubt they will make many exceptions either.


As they stated, policy is policy. If they do it for you then they have to do it for everyone.

Policies are in place for a reason.

I know of an associate who tried to return a tablet 16 days after she bought it as well and she was told the same thing that you were told, It's exceptions! It is what it is and all stores have policies.You may not agree with them but you do have to follow them.


YOU may not agree with ME but yes, I guess I'm getting far too OLD because I remember the day when exceptions could be made for valid reasons. Unfortunately, those days seem to be a relic of bygone days now.

It really now is ALL about the bottom line.

Yes, I have to follow them because it is what it is. It's just a shame our society has degraded to that!!


Genius, it is not just Walmart but every other retailer as well.


Yup, I agree...but some more so then others. Walmart is just king of the list doesn't make it any less true that it's a sad way things have gone. I'll just stick with those that I think are less greedy and obnoxious then the others!