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Update by user Jul 06, 2015

One month passes with no response from Walmart. Easy fix, no trips to Walmart. Plenty of other stores around to shop, even Walmart's competitors.

Original review posted by user Jun 05, 2015

Shopped your Walmart in Wilmington, Ohio on 6/05/15. After completing a 1 1/2 hour shopping trip around this store I walked up to the self checkout line and approached the worker to ask for tobacco items since that aisle (19) was closed.

When I approached her she was talking to another individual but she quickly asked me if I needed help. I gave her my request and she instructed me to go to aisle 19 and she would meet me there. I walked to aisle 19, turned around to see if she was behind me but seen nobody. Stood there for a few seconds then walked a few feet to find her still talking.

Waited a bit longer but still nobody. I decided to leave at this point so I left my cart with approximately $100.00 of items in it and walked towards the exit that led me past the self checkout area to find her still talking to the same individual. As I was leaving I heard her voice as if she was now talking to me. I walked out.

This is our local Walmart, I shop there often after work and this was not the first time I have had issues with this store. The majority of the workers there are rude, the aisles are cluttered with skids and empty boxes to where you cannot walk through them let alone take your cart through. THIS will be my last visit there or to any other Walmart unless WALMART changes the way they treat customers and also change how they restock shelves. I REFUSE to accept the poor customer service as well as the trashed aisles you create.

EXTREMELY POOR MANAGEMENT. Somebody needs to fix this so called SERVICE attitude and clean up your stores.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Change your policies and FIX your poor customer service..

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Shopping experience.

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The letter writer sounds unreasonable...


I am not being unreasonable. She should have walked up to me right away if she said she would make me wait.

Instead she made me wait a few seconds, then I left because she did not stop talking to me. I suspect she was having a personal conversation. I never said she was actually having a personal conversation. You cannot read well.

Anyways I would have probably spent more money than that other customer anyway. A white man generally makes more money than a black woman who is probably spending food stamps to pay for the groceries that she asked for.


You have no idea how much money that lady makes, nor do you have any proof that she is on food stamps. Stop stereotyping.

We are in the year 2016 now, not 1960, the times when whites are more superior than blacks is outdated. Throw your white hood in the trash, or better yet burn it and get with the times. For all we know that lady could be a successful lawyer, and make ten times the amount of money you make. This comment is coming from someone that is white BTW.

Waiting a few seconds for your turn like any normal decent human being is not going to kill you. I first thought that you had to wait five, maybe ten minutes, but A FEW SECONDS. Less than a minute possibly oh the horror. Also in your own words you said.


No one is making stuff up.


How is this bad customer service? Maybe you are too quick to judge, and perhaps you are too impatient.

She was with another individual. It's not going to kill you to wait until she is done helping this other individual.

Maybe you should stick to online shopping for a little while until you can learn to be a little more patient with people. You had no reason to be rude.


Horrible Customer Service!! You don't tell a customer that you will help them and then just blow them off.

She was having a personal conversation not a professional conversation. In other words she wasn't assisting the other customer, merely talking. She could of easily told the other person to wait and she would be right back, instead she ignored a paying customer that needed assistance and it cost Walmart over $100 because of her poor service skills. Now, over three months, I still refuse to go back and until Walmart addresses this behavior company wide I won't be back.

I am sure I'm just a tadpole in Lake Erie but that isn't the point.

I'd rather pay a bit more at one store or even travel to different stores to get my items but I won't tolerate poor customer service. NOT A CHANCE!


Lol so don't! Are you the type of person who goes to mcdonalds and complains that they don't serve top-notch, gourmet food?

Walmart is basically the mcdonalds of general retail. If you want better food, you have to pay the extra money and go to an applebees or TGI fridays. If you are really that anal about customer service, then go to a more expensive store like Target or Costco.

Or better yet, do your shopping at niche stores that specialize in specific things. Niche stores will be able to give you the maximum level of service.


Really, that's your answer? Congratulations you just won an *** award for stupidity.

You apply for a job, you get hired for that job, your expected to do that job and if you can't then maybe you shouldn't be working at that job. Customer service is just that and no matter who you work for (McDonald's, Walmart, Applebees or TGI Friday's) your customer's should always be treated with courtesy and professionalism. Speaking of the so called upper class places, ever get poor service their? You probably never have, right?

No, not you, your such an understanding person. LOL


Walmart is not built around customer service. Get that through your head genius.

Their nationwide business model is based on under-staffing and very little training. If you are really anal about customer service, don't go to any walmarts. It's a simple solution to a simple problem.

I've never had poor customer service at an upper class place like applebees or tgi fridays. But then again, I'm not the entitled, stick up my butt, complaining type.


Dear Walmart supporter, I apologize for bothering you with my complaining. I was surfing earlier today on the web and boom, there it was, right in front of me.

Your famous! Your picture was right there posted under the ad WALMART SHOPPERS. Have you not noticed the pictures of you that are posted online? WOW!

Anyhow, just a reminder, I don't shop walmart, havent been to that *** hole since and have no desire to be back, EVER. I don't and won't put up with people such as her or with somebody as yourself. You live your life on PISSED COSUMERS just to argue.