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The last few times I have done my grocery shopping at Walmart, I have noticed fewer cashiers and longer lines. Today when I was ready to check out, there were 4 cashiers and each had 4-6 customers waiting in line.

I waited 10 minutes to start my checkout experience. By the time I got home, my ice cream was melted and other frozen food was defrosting. I contacted customer service by phone and was not provided with any solution.

I have a new Meijer store near me so I will begin shopping there to avoid the frustrations of shopping at Walmart. If Walmart is fine with losing customers to their competition, they will continue to provide poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Agree Walmart has realized that a computer and self checkout is beter than 10 hired employees.. Future of Walmart is clear, same path of Kmart and Sears, DONE..

Actually I think Walmart is panicking with Amazon and the cheap chinese stuff with Tariffs costing them more.. SHORT WALMART with your preferred brokerage


Lmfao ...."I called customer service" ....for Walmart....


You look foolish writing this


No, stop!!! Do NOT go to Meijer if you are concerned about lack of cashiers and long lines.

Meijer is almost exactly the same as Walmart in this area. Trust me, I had been shopping at Meijer for decades when some 5-6 years ago they began reducing the number of cashiers to the point now where trying to shop there is so irritating that it is not worth the trouble. Meijer has apparently taken to not scheduling adequate employees in any department so shelves are not adequately stocked; aisles are blocked with unstocked products; lack of any help in various departments; and prices scanned erroneously at the register so if you don't verify each and every item as it is scanned you will be over-charged.

We now shop at Kroger. I urge you to check out Kroger if you have one in your area---they have some great weekly deals, digital coupons and although you might pay a few cents more for some items, you don't have to put up with the nonsense currently at Meijer.

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