I was looking for the movie Frozen and all they had was the sing along edition so I asked a lady that was standing in the movie section working if it was only sing along or if u could watch it without it, she kinda glared at me grabbed the movie out of my hand and said idk I don't work here i work in the photo dept Im just helping put up movies, ask so and so, so when a guy that worked there rushed by I asked and he was like o yeah that's it! Sorry!!

Also we had ordered something site to store and when we got there they didn't have it ready and said hold on let me go get it off the shelf and took forever.

So lazy that they didn't even have it ready to pick up when we got there, y even have the option!! also every time we go in to check out there is only a couple checkers every time and have to wait forever in line, they need more workers!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did you wait for your "ready to be picked up" email before going to the pick up area? When an item is ordered and pick up today is chosen, the associate gets it from the shelf and bins it in a particular bin in the backroom, which generates am email to the customer that it is ready for pick up.

If you show up before you get this email than of course it isn't going to be ready. Also, just because someone stocks movies doesn't mean they have seen every movie they sell, so they might not know the minor details for each one.

to oyster #926668

Try to remember the person posting this review is six years old and too immature yet to be patient. She wants thing now when she demands, but still at six even then her parents need to teach her manners and patience.


Also the six year old who posted this does not realize that if they hire more workers prices would increase, but what does she care, mommy buys her things for her. She also does not realize that if people do not apply to work at the store they cannot just hire random people off the street, and even the people who work there have to be qualified. Why is mommy not explaining this to the child before she posted something so silly.


The six year old who posted this complaint should know that the item that her parents put for site to store that it is not the employee laziness that makes the item not delivered at the time, it was not shipped, and the six year old is too lazy to read the back of the DVD to see if it was what she wanted, or perhaps she cannot read and is too lazy to ask mommy for help.

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