Renton, Washington
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Walmart, Renton WA - After checking the Walmart website I attempted to contact the store and spent approx. 20 min. on phone and no sales rep. answered. Website indicated product as "limited availability", once at store, sales rep. "we NEVER have carried that model/brand". The ONLY brand they had was almost double the price. Customer Service MANAGER couldn't even help. They wouldn't honor website pricing for alternate product. All employees disparaged Walmart website/corporate.

Horrible attitudes, no service.

Although we did purchase some sale videos and the cashier was very helpful, all other interactions were below standard and no one attempted to satisfy the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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big surprise walmart is a busy place and not all phone calls get answered quickly. Customers

who are actually In the store will get helped first then phone shoppers.

As for the online price walmart does not match it in their physical stores, you are more than welcome to order the online item if you want. Understaffing is a huge problem for big retailers but that is the price you pay for a huge selection of dirt cheep goods in america.


"Well don't get mad if we don't" Don't get mad when we get the manager to do your job and don't get mad report you to the manager and corporate. Phones are great it saves gas and time calling and getting an employee to check on something is a part of their job description it wouldn't hurt for them to get off their fat butt and at least do their JOB!

:grin :grin

Thanks for the laughs "Well don't get mad if we don't" you have just proved how easy it is to out smart imbecilic employees at walmart. :grin :grin :grin


Limited availability-means there is a limited amount in the store. When calling walmart always ask to speak to the store manager and have them check for the item and always be sure and get their name so when you have to report them for not doing their job you'll have a name.

It takes little effort to out smart Wal-Mart and their imbecilic employees like LadyScot & Heartless.


Limited availability-means there is a limited amount in the store. Neither Heartless (which is a perfect description of the commenter) or LadyScot have a grasp of the definition of limited availability.

In my experience when calling the Wal-Mart and not getting no answer from an associate I call back and speak to the a manager and tell them that I could not get anyone from that department to answer and could they help me, they do and I guarantee they go find the associate that failed to answer the call and let them know they had to do their job.

If the item had a site to store option you could have purchased it online and the better price and had it delivered to the store free of charge. It takes little effort to out smart Wal-Mart and their imbecilic employees.


Why don't you get a job there and show us how it is done there cowboy? We obviously know more about our business than those of you who do not work there.


Sometimes employees are busy with other customers already in the store and ready to make a purchase. They can't help the fact that you are an impatient and self centered cow who can't get off their fat butt and go down there yourself.


"Limited Availability" you acknowledge the website saying that then claim it to be bait and switch... It amazes me how STUPlD you people can be... Allow me to clarify limited availability means it may or may not be available at the location you go to...


Limited availability means they may have it at a store, but not every store. There is no bait and switch here.