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me and my daughter went to store number 5196resigter number 3 transaction 08795,ID 7hw1fb1t8ftr,and this cashier was very very rude to us. we will not ever come back and shop at this store number 5196.

thanks for our complaints remarks...mary m. smith at 912 Norfleet ave. Memphis,tn.38109,and marion smith-agnew at 1703 berryhill road cordova,tn.38016...I have always shop there since they opened and my daughter always come all out her way to take me or her dad there to shop,and this was our very first time. we hope this will be the time for us to experience this at any Walmat.

if they are having a bad day,they should not serve customers, especially elders,and handicap people.welove shopping at you all saving stores,but do not like to be treated like that at all what so ever.

nor she would not like to be treated like that. thamks for taking our complaint today on June 26,2015.thanks once again.........

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Being treated respectable.

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Your complaint makes no sense...what happened????


Walmart will not see this, but countless random strangers on the internet will. Is it cool if I come over for dinner?

Already got your address. Nice to know that you're elderly and disabled, in case I decide to help myself to your stuff....

You should delete this post.


How was the cashier very, very rude to you. When you accuse somebody of something like that you should describe what actually happened, instead of ranting like a two year old.

First you say you have always shopped there since they opened and then you say this was the first time. Which was it?????

You really should go back to school and learn how to use proper grammar, capitalization, and find the correct web site for WalMart. You are on a general complaint site.

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