I saw something at the North Fort Myers wal mart that really up set me an employee on crutches what kind of employer ask an employee to work on the floor no less on crutches and I heard another employee say that they would not let her use the electric carts that they were for customers only and she was having trouble getting around, This just goes to show you that wal mart cares nothing about their employees, Very sad, And I will no longer be shopping here for this reason and because I am sick of animals being allowed in this store,If they are service animals that is one thing, But the ones that I have seen are not service animals

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Due to an accident I was disabled and employed by Walmart for almost a year (and I've been employed by them for 7 years after recovery) and I have to say they treated me great! They were very understanding and accommodating to my limitations and did everything they could to keep me in my job with as many hours as I could handle so I wouldn't suffer financially.

Also, while I was in the hospital the management team came to visit me several times and they sent me flowers. I do realize that all Walmart are different, but in my experience, Walmart treats their disabled associates very well.

First Born Triplet

That is not the worst part, the mistreat all employees especially ones with disabilities, they allow other customers and employees to do the same. When the person complains they tell the person you should be glad we hired you, many companies don't hire disabled people.

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