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Update by user Mar 13, 2015

because of Kevinrichards taking over my identity and posting as me on this post I have stopped posting he is making up lies and slandering just to taunt and bully.

Original review posted by user Mar 10, 2015

I was called in for interview first one went fantastic was in office with one person the second one was done in a managers lounge/break-room with TV Loud 4 other employees eating and loud cutting up horse playing that were Managers and CSM's I believe as well as two office workers in human resource to the left working while I was trying to listen to lady interviewing me I finally told her its entirely too loud in here and i cant hear her questions after I was able to answer one of three she agreed and asked me to go to office to fill out for drug test and back ground check. Stacey HR filled out paper work for Back ground I explained I had a class B from 2007 for failing to give insurance information on striking my neighbors unattended vehicle which i was unaware was back into because was not me that did it however it was my truck so I plead not guilty judge however found me guilty because i refused to tell him who I thought did it.

she said she wrote all that down for background check company . GIS the company that does background checks for walmart notified me through mail with a letter I received on March 7 to call them with in 5 business day are i would be ineligible for employment i called them on March 9th they informed me that they mailed the letter from South Carolina to Texas on March 2 so I had five days from March 2 They said this was Walmarts Rule not theres. I then went to walmart who said its GIS not them So I called GIS spoke with a Supervisor named Ryan who said he would do another back ground check and send over to walmart but that someone from walmart is the one not wanting to hire has nothing to do with them not running the back groung check like I am being told by human resources . I go back to human resources and take a copy of my own back ground check I have that shows what i had already told walmart and HR tells me as soon as GIS sends us the background check they run we will call you in for orientation.

Today I call GIS Brandon answers tells me the background check was terminated on the 7th of March by Walmart i explain to him I talk to Ryan a supervisor who was suppose to do the check and send it to human resources he then says Ryan who? I got upset he puts me on hold comes back and says oh yeah ryan is out of our other office he is sending it to the temple walmart when he does it but the Temple walmart has already asked us to terminate it so even when he sends it they probably wont hire you so I am very upset because why are they even giving me the run around?

just tell me when I go in to talk to HR that your not going to hire me dont lie and say we are waiting on background check to come back . i can say in all honestly I shop at walmart 3 to 4 times a week and holidays are all bought mostly there but this has left a sick feeling in my stomach and my husband works in killeen so I will start buying at Kmart at the other stores in killeen area just to avoid Walmart if this problem is not resolved in a ethical way because this is no way to do people in a economy thats starving for jobs as it stands.

Reason of review: Poor Communication/Ethics.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Shopping at this store, Cleanliness, Deli.

Walmart Cons: Hr gives inaccurate info, Managment doesnt follow up, Past of hardwork doesnt matter.

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I don't think your handicap had to do with your not getting a job. I think it was your attitude.

If you deal with people in real life like you did when they told you were wrong than that is why you were not hired. You would be working in customer service, with people. They are probably afraid you will refer to your customers as 'little peckers" or some other degrading name if the argue with you. You call everyone else kids but you are the one that needs to grow up.

Then to claim someone else made those posts and impersonated you instead of manning up to your posts as your other username states. Your wife is not making those replies, neither is this Kevin dude, you are.

You were not discriminated against for your disability. Perhaps you were discriminated against because of your bitter immature attitude, but not your disability.


This subject has been closed for awhile since I recovered my account from the *** who hacked it. I will reply however, I've worked in customer service without any issues because I do have a understanding of others wants and needs .I was passed over for this job because of a manager that works their was friends with my ex and at this point I'm thankful because my Dad fell sick with cancer shortly after and I spent everyday with him and caring for him until his death so it was a blessing that being said I don't struggle are worry about bills just got back from a trip out of the country few days ago ,nor do I need a low paying stressful job however those that thought they were causing me strife struggle getting by so karma did play its part and usually does good day!


Um I don't think you and your wife should respond to this troll it just makes him reply more because his only friend is his computer. Just saying responding to this quiff just makes him get the attention he wants.


"my wife was taking to hospital by her oldest daughter you littler *** head and I am watching her account and she doesn't have access to it now . I didn't raise her kids she did and *** good if this wasn't a public site I would post my phone number and have you call me and tell your sick self over the phone to grow the *** up .Your the only one acting like my wife and someone named Annie , Anonymous, and me next no doubt."

Yeah right your wife is posting while taken to the hospital.

She is the that made the update, that is quite clear. If it were you who made the update you would have said someone is posing as your wife. Your wife is the one that needs to grow up. I am not acting like Annie, it is quite clear that "your wife" you and Annie are the same person.

Funny how you have the same writing style. Pointing out your wife's lies and flaws is not being a bully.


There are logical explainations to her lies.


If you are going to pretend to be her and say she abused her children she is going to defend herself even if she did say she would ignore you.

2. She obviously found a way to access her account later on.

3. You are a quiff.

4. You purposely posted that comment about her abusing her children to get her to respond.


She responded as you wanted by feeding the troll. 6.

You were expecting her to respond 7. Don't know if I mentioned this, but you are a quiff.


My step children are very close to their mother and its a joke hearing a little turd like you posting that just because she has seizures she abused them, they are to this day spoiled in there 20s getting anything they want are need and would protect their mom because she was always there for them and protected them you got a whole world to learn about at 16 kid if you don't end up talking trash to the wrong person someday offline I feel bad for kids like you they never had no one teach them respect are just spent time with them in the right way maybe you should pick up a bible.


She is the one that claimed to abuse them. They are spoiled as you said, why am I not surprised.

Your wife is the one that was never taught respect. She claims discrimination. She has an holier than thou attitude. I am not surprised your children are spoiled.

They have a spoiled brat raising them. Your wife has a lot to learn. I feel bad for your children having two people raise them to be spoiled brats, to cry discrimination whenever things do not go their way. Maybe your wife should be picking a bible, because she clearly told several lies on here.

She claimed I am a child when I am a teen. She claimed she could not get into her account when clearly to edit a post you need to be able to get into your account. She claimed she would not be making any more posts yet she made several posts. She claimed I am pretending to be her rather than admitting she made that post about having CPS called on her children.

Bragging about spoiling your children just makes you look bad. They are the ones that are disrespectful if you teach them to claim discrimination whenever things do not go their way. Your whole family is messed up. Your wife has a holier than thou attitude, your children are spoiled.

I would not be surprised if your "wife" later came on this site and claimed you were not her husband and her husband did not make that comment about her children being spoiled.

I may be 16 but your wife not only spells like a seven year old but behaves like one as well and she blames her seizures and brain damage not only for how she acts but when she does not get what she wants. No wonder your children are spoiled your wife is the biggest spoiled brat ever.


She never claimed do abuse them and she also has no grand children so you screwed up when you posted that part also .Kid your unreal I don't know what's worse that you talk to others so *** on these post are the fact you pretend to be others on these post .


I never posted that comment, your wife obviously did. I am not pretending to be other people, and I have proved several times that your wife is lying.

First she claimed she has not responded in two days, yet she made an update less than a day ago. Then she claimed she could not sign into her account yet she has been able to do so. She claimed she is being discriminated against but she is not. She claims she is qualified and should have had the job because she thinks she was more qualified than the other applicants, apparently this is not true.

Your wife is in the wrong and telling her she is wrong and pointing out her lies is not being unreal. Your wife and her holier than thou attitude is unreal. Your wife thinking she is better than the other applicants not knowing them is unreal. Your wife raising your children to be spoiled is unreal.

I guess being spoiled and claiming discrimination runs in the family. Your wife is the one that stated she has grandchildren.

Your wife obviously posted that comment. After all if there are two lies she told in plain site for everyone to see then why should anyone believe she is telling the truth when she says she did not have her children taken from her?


Even more proof that you are a liar, you said I am a child, yet you don't know me in real life. You automatically ASSume that I am a child.

You said that I made that post about you shaking your baby, another lie. If anyone should be called a child it should be you for behaving like a two year old.

I bet you blame your childish behavior on the fact that you suffered brain damage just like you blame everything else you do and everything else that happened to you because of your brain damage. Face it is you that is the issue, not the fact that you suffered brain damage.


I got my wife back in her account to delete it It wouldn't let her . Get on a video game or get some friends you spend too much time online spend some time with your parents anything this is too much for a kid your age. My wife isn't even answering you you've been talking to your self for awhile now .


Yeah, nice coverup. Any more lies.

Your "wife" admitted to abusing your children. Your "wife" posted three times. Why do I get the feeling that you are the "wife" posing as a husband then claiming your wife is not answering me.

Funny how you "both" have the same writing style. If you two are married and raised your children together they are probably messed up.


my wife was taking to hospital by her oldest daughter you littler *** head and I am watching her account and she doesn't have access to it now . I didn't raise her kids she did and *** good if this wasn't a public site I would post my phone number and have you call me and tell your sick self over the phone to grow the *** up .Your the only one acting like my wife and someone named Annie , Anonymous, and me next no doubt.


Also I thought you said that your wife was not responding to me anymore, how was she to make the update if she has not been responding to me. Your wife told several lies, she was caught on it and she cannot fight her own battles because I am pointing out that she cannot just use her disability to get her way.


"because of Kevinrichards taking over my identity and posting as me on this post I have stopped posting he is making up lies and slandering just to taunt and bully."

You claimed to have stopped posting two days ago. You claimed you could not get into your account, yet you can make an update. I am not bullying you, just stating the lies and holes in your story for everyone to see, you don't want people to see these perhaps you should stop lying.


I can't login to my account so kevinrichards has takin it upon himself to login in slandering and lying on me and my family and children he does not know us and knows nothing about us my children are grown and I raised them all and they were never abused he's got some issues taunting people on these post had I known that I would not have used those website to post my information on and I think pissed consumer should delete his post but I'm sure he taunts too many to do that so what's done is done scary that ones like him are running around in our society instead of stating facts just making U little stories in his head to get through his days . Be a writer not a harasser !

@Done with this child

I am not a child I am 16, and it is apparently you who is posting all those things. Perhaps because you have brain damage you have forgotten about making those posts.

I can prove you are lying. You claim you cannot get into your account. However to make an update you have to get into your account. I am just stating the truth.

I know now for sure that you and Annie are the same person because both of you have made the same claim. That you did not make the posts. That someone else is posting as you. "both" of you have trouble admitting you are wrong.

This is exactly what those facebook cyber bullies said, that someone hacked their account, but it turned out to be false. You told two lies here. First you claim that you would not be replying anymore, yet you made this reply. Second you said that you cannot log in to your account anymore, yet to update you need to be able to log in.

You are the one acting like a child by posting something and claiming that someone else made that post. Before you go around saying I am acting like a child take a look at your own childish behavior.

1. You did not get the job you wanted, so you claim discrimination.


You think that you were more qualified than everyone and should have gotten the job. Again you claim discrimination.

3. You lied. You made two different lies.

First you claimed that you could not get into your account. However to make an update you need to be able to log into your account. Then you claim that you were not going to make posts on here anymore, Yet you made several posts.

4. When you made a post and later regretted it you claim someone is pretending to be you.

That is exactly what everyone does when they made a post they regret.

5. You created a second account "Annie28" to defend yourself. Notice how both "Annie28, and you have the same writing style?

Notice how "both" you and Annie made posts that you regretted on the same day, yet at the same time frame you claim you were not the one making the post, how you both claimed I made those posts. I am not being a bully, just pointing out your flaws and lies.


Annie and Kevin you are both behaving immaturely. Please stop responding to my post.

It is annoying that I get a message on my email saying that I have new posts on my review only to find you both fighting and saying the same stuff over. Please stop being immature.

I came to this site to share my experience, perhaps even vent, yet I see the two of you fighting and trading insults back and forth. This is causing me stress and stress can trigger my seizures.


Okay I said I was done with your childish taunts but I guess I am wrong. I did raise my children better than your parents raised you.

I had a hard life. I had CPS visit me several times because when one of my children was crying I shook her. My ex husband reported this and divorced me just because I suffer from brain damage he got custody of the children. I tried lying to CPS and saying my seizures made me shake the child.

Luckily there was no brain damage. I later went to parenting classes and got partial custody of my children. My ex husband probably told them not to hire me. That is the discrimination.

They discriminated against me because of my ex not because I am disabled. He already kidnapped my children by reporting me to CPS and divorcing me. He was supposed to support me. Instead he reported me to CPS and they said I was abusive when I was just trying to calm a crying baby down.

Shut up.

My children are now successful adults and I have learned to control my temper. I am not allowed to see my grandchildren unsupervised because of my temper but I am a good mother and grandmother.


Yeah blame your brain damage and cry discrimination every time things don't go your way. That is real mature.