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Whats going on at the grand haven walmart? A lot of vary rude employees,my husband is disabled,a group of employees were standing at the end of the isle laughing and talking wouldn't even move for us.The produce is just terrible,I and I am not not only one has gotten rotten meat their 2 times,called about it and they wouldnt put me through to anyone.The management there is terrible. I have talked to a number of people who have stopped going there.I have spent a lot of money there as has other members of my family.We are all done we go accross the street to meijers,where the produce is good and the meat is fresh.I even got spoiled milk at walmart.Come on Grand haven walmart,time to get some managers in there that work,before more people leave.people nowadays can't afford to spend good money on garbage.

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Where I live the Meijer and Walmart are acroos the street from each other. More people are shopping at Meijer than Walmart.

The meat dept is better and they have a meat cutter.

The produce is way better and the selection of other groceries is better. Some of the best deals are when Meijer has the buy 11 items for $10.


Then why shop there? If Wal-Mart is so bad stay out!

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