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I have gone shopping at the Walmart in Pahrump Nevada several times and each time I have felt sorry for the staff. The store has waiting lines to check out and and 5 or more stations are closed.

The check out stands that are open the employees are working as fast as they can to process the shopper. What is really sad that if you ask management to open more check out stands the say they haven't got enough checkers to open more stations. The first rule in management is solve the problem. This walmart has the enough staff working in the store to redeploy them to help out at the check stands even if they are bagging items.

It has gotten so bad that most shoppers go to automotive to check out. I was getting my oil changed in my car and waited 20 minutes to pay because shoppers go there to check out now. I don't buy groceries at Pahrump Walmart because of the wait time at the check stands. Now it looks like I won't be getting my oil changed there any more.

I have addressed this problem several times with management there but they just don't get it. If I had more than 100 words I write about how long it takes to order a product they are out of.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #914703

You are stup!d. The 100 words is a minimum not a maximum. Have mommy explain supply and demand and you will know why stores run out of items.


Store management "gets it". They just have no control over it.

Not everyone in the store can work a cash register, some are at lower pay grades and can simply refuse to do so, some don't trust themselves with handling money as quickly as some customers demand, some simply can't handle money at all.

Now, to keep prices as low as they can they use computerized systems to meter out how much payroll should be needed to cover "expected" demand, hour by hour, and department by department. Store managers have very little say about the matter, the computer says the store needs 3 cashiers - and that's exactly what will be scheduled in the building at that moment.

If you want to pay 10-15% more for your products, as you would in most other establishments, then there would likely be all the cashiers you'd want. Lots of people all over the store, waiting to answer your every whim. But, Walmart has always been perfectly transparent with their customers.

Their deal with the World is "low prices".

As you seem to continue to shop there, it would seem your own prioritys is in agreement with Walmart's. So, seeing how you, yourself, are unwilling to pay for extra cashiers, I'm not sure why you're complaining.


I work at walmart and the csm's frustrate me. They will yell at you to go faster but they won't get on a register themselves to help.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #914702

Then quit, if you cannot work fast enough quit. Stop acting like a whinny six year old child. They have other jobs, perhaps if you were minding your own business instead of worrying about other people and their jobs you would be faster.

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