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Pt job cashier pass test I takes to adept manager.she will put my application no response.left my name and number at customer service still no answer and this week I talked to a gentleman acting as store officially gave him my name no response.iasked who in personal she is not her.one lady told me the store volume was down .i just want to work 3days a week I have worked16yr for Walmart so why its a problem.getting hired 3days a week

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They aren't going to hire you just because you want a job. They are only going to hire when they have a need for cashiers. If they don't have a current need or the days you are available don't match their needs they aren't going to hire you just to be nice.


That's what I try to tell the people who say "Get a job, you're able bodied." Just because someone who is homeless applies for a job doesn't mean that anyone is going to hire them. And I don't blame them.

if I was an employer, I wouldn't want to hire anyone who smelled so bad and was so dirty looking, not to mention looking cuckoo and disheveled. I would be afraid that they would scare away my customers.

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