Phoenix, Arizona

To whom it may concern.The store on 16 ave Bethany home. Has very poor customer service i called to talk to a manager i was on hold for a ridiculous amount of i hung up and called again.3 calls later after waiting a ridiculous amount of time.

I talk to an assistant manager. and he informs me to go down to the store and bring the item that I wanted to exchange for store credit. lady at customer service refuse to call the assistant manager because I forgot the name.

a manager finally did show up and was just as rude as the customer service representative.I am shocked on how unprofessional they were being on helping me with my problem. needless to say me or my family will never be visiting Walmart again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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So sorry for my previous comments my mom was sucking on my co.,ck and I was annoyed and had to take it out on somebody. Gotta go mom is calling me to come su.,ck on her tiddies.


Did it ever occur to you that the manager couldn't talk to you because he just might be busy managing the store? Follow their return policies and you won't need to get a manager involved next time.


O simon, you so a nastee boy!