Burtonsville, Maryland

Made purchase on 5/28/11, was charged twice for one item, didn't realize until review of receipt on 6/11/11. Returned to store, evening "Manager" did not introduce himself, looked at the receipt, said he "could not do anything about" because it was over 7 days old.

Told him I could not believe it, he commented "the items are no longer in the computer and I should have brought it in sooner". He stated I was "belligerent to him", and said "I brought him a receipt this old and expected to do something with it". I asked who his Manager was, he told me, Jeff Jackson, Wilson Walmart, Wilson, NC 27896. And I left.

This is poor, poor customer service. The presumedly manager I was speaking to was arrogant, did not apologize, and did nothing to help me or over any other solutions. This is not the first time I have had issues with this Walmart store. They are very understaffed, can't find anyone to help you.

I also left a purchase there previously and went back the next evening and they had put it all back out in stock. Told me I should have called that evening, and they would have held it. No one even overed to help me go back out on the floor to retrieve the items I had previously purchased. I had to walk all over the store, and go back up to the line again.

Again, poor, unacceptable customer service.

They do not care about the customer at this store!!! This store is in Wilson,NC 27896 and is managed by Jeff Jackson.

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They have done the same thing to me. A few weeks ago I bought a few things and used coupons.

The coupons didn't want to work and I had icecream and a fussy baby so went home. Looked through the reciept and found a few things that wasn't right. My mom went back to the store for me to get a *** 3$ refund and no apology.

And we both told the cashier she messed up with the coupons. I understand their coupon and match policy have changed but thats NO excuse for poor customer service.




Cleary u have a peronal beef with sum1 at walmart. 1st of all we dont work this way and we r not under staffed and who checks their reciept 14 days later?

I thnk ur jus putting 100 on 10 which means ur over dramatizing this situation.

mistakes happen i mean were good but were human too. hope ur next visit is a better one.


I work for wal-mart and usually if a person forgets their items they call about it after it happens same thing for being overcharged check your receipt next time that same day!


Imagine how easy it would be for anyone to buy two of something, wait for it to go out of the system, and then say they were double charged. It's other people, not Wal-Mart, that make the system how it is.

Also, how is the already understaffed store supposed to supply someone to walk on a blind hunt for your items they have never seen before, when it was you that forgot to take home the things you paid for? I'm sure nobody is intentionally screwing you over.


So you took too long to bring the receipt back in and when the manager tried explaining the situation, you became belligerent. Nice. Maybe you should learn how to behave yourself in public.