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I ordered a coffee maker from, it was suppose to be in a few days later. I never got the e-mail saying it had arrived, so I patiently waited 5 days after it was suppose to be in, I called the walmart 800 number. Basically they said it was 'stuck' , so I should cancel the order and reorder.. I ask why I should have to do that, why don't they just ship it to the store,,they said that is just the way they do it.

I talked to 4 different people in customer service, 3 were nice, the last one was just plain rude. She said "we aren't trying to compete with (which is obvious from my experience) , and she didnt' care if I liked it or not.

She told me "this time of year (this was October 4), we have a lot of problems like this",,,,,,,,,,I will never order anything from them going forward, in fact I probable will stop shopping at the store,,they are a company that has gotten too big and doesn't care about customer service anymore.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Online shopping experience.

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Wouldn't it have been easier to just take their advice and do what they said? Cancel the order and place it again? But, you're probably right, barking at them until they rebuild something like from the ground up, such that it works in the manner you'd have it does sound quite a bit easier.


KevinRichards, we appreciate the 24hr a day finger bang session you have with our company but we prefer it if you would just let us defend ourselves. Besides, it looks like you have bigger problems to solve with this Tyrone guy.


In 2013 I had little choice but to get dentures.Aspen was new to my area and I'd always heard good things so I decided to go there.

They were nice and answered my questions. Of course they didn't accept my insurance so I had to apply for credit.

My dentures have never fit right, have always been uncomfortable and I have not been able to eat with them at all. I have gone in time after time for adjustments but nothing helped.

They now tell me that it's because of so much bone and tissue loss. No one told me this before. My only option would be implants.

Who's going to pay for that??

I went in yesterday in tears because I couldn't take it anymore. I was sat down and handed a form to sign stating I was not happy with my results and wished to have my money refunded. There were of course stipulations to that. I have to return the dentures in 90 days regardless if I've found anyone that can help me.

I didn't even know they were going to do this!

They told me there's nothing more they can do but refund my money. And I have 90 days to return the dentures.

They have literally messed up my whole life.

This can't be legal. If there's a legal way to make them pay for what they have done I will find it.

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