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I visited Walmart # 5428, located at 1710 South Greenfield Rd in Mesa, today May 18, 2010 at about 1:40pm to purchase Equate 24hour allergy medication from behind the pharmacy counter. When I presented my valid ARIZONA driver's license I was told they would not sell me the allergy medication because I am not from the Mesa area. When I asked why, I was told by the pharmacist, that THAT Walmart does not sell medication to people outside the Mesa area. He said they get people in from all over, to which I said Walmart is a retail store, you would get people in from all over. It's what Walmart does…sell to people from all over. He did say it was that store's policy and not a Walmart policy. I was not aware Walmart stores made their own policies and in my opinion a Walmart store, even in Mesa, still represents Walmart.

The fact that I was treated as a common criminal because I do live in Mesa and wanted to make a legal purchase, of a legal medication, with a valid ARIZONA driver's license is the reason for this letter today. I have also gone to the Walmart on Country Club and they had no issue with me purchasing the same medication at that store. I do not think I should be penalized because I chose to go shopping on my lunch hour in Mesa, instead of waiting until 6:30pm when I am back in Phoenix to go shopping to buy a legal medication.

I did not try to purchase medication with a forged prescription.

I did not try to purchase medication with an invalid id.

I did not try to purchase medication with an out of state id.

The over counter medication I wanted is a legal, non-prescription medication that by law I must present an id to purchase. The only reason I was denied service is my valid ARIZONA id did not contain the word Mesa.

The fact that all purchases of this type of medication must be recorded per Arizona STATE law, not Mesa, law means I should have been allowed to make this purchase at this location, without exception. I consider this discrimination, due to where I live and nothing else. Needless to say I will not be returning to this store even though it is closer to my place of employment, but if I can not purchase medication there why would I want to purchase anything there or any Walmart?

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Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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Faye, you *** unless you are a child they expect you to know what to do with your medication, you are not a child who needs to be told how to take his medicatin, they expect you to know how to read the instructions.


I paid 30.00 for liquid antibotic in large bottle. perscription said to take for 10 days.

after 10 days i have half of the bottle left. contacted wal-mart. they said the antibotic comes in one packet for them to mix with water. i have bought a large bottle just to pour out half of that antibotic.

i should have been told this before i paid money i couldn't afford to start with.

i just want to tell you this so you can fix this problem. thank you