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I usually go to the cottage grove store in Mn. because the product dept.

in store 3534 continue to be awful. Today 11/14/14 the grapes were marked way down because what they were selling was past it use date. there were empty containers in the fruit section, there was not enough help, could not find anyone to ask. there were 16 grapefruit on display and were well picked over.

This has just become this way in the last 2 months . Before that it was possible to find whatever you wanted and to get something fresher. I know they are having delivery problems with the product being brought in not in the condition it need to be. I was also in there around noon so people may have been on break.

last winter product showed up frozen which hampered a lot of the helps efforts.

people talk and a lot are staying away from the product and going to other stores. I don't mind mark downs but not leaving me with just that choice.

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Good thing you keep shopping at Walmart, rather than a real grocery store! Keep buying ***, and they will keep putting it out... You're getting what you deserve by shopping there!