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I have on more than on occasion purchased Great value moist flushable wipes in the 48 pack. They are supposed to come out one at a time , like a tissue from a box, but they do not, they catch on each other and jam up , you have you push the following napkin back into the package , and that of course does not work.

Very annoying and does not meet expectations.

Because of the nature of the product , they have been used so there in nothing to return. I want the product to work properly and easily and I would want Walmart to replace for me the three packages I have purchased, I keep hoping to get a good one.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Moist Flushable Toilet Paper.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You get what you pay for.


You shouldn't be using flushable wipes anyway. They ruin pumps in the sewer system costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace.


Buy a brand of these things that comes in a plastic box and after you use all of these, simply buy whatever brand you want that comes without the box. Then, open up the off-brand towels and put the whole thing in your plastic box. You can re-supply this for years.

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