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I bought a new game for my computer titled "Medal of Honor Limited Edition" from Walmart and was really excited about the opportunity to play this game which I had heard so much about. When I got home I discovered that I was having a very difficult time loading the game onto my computer.

I spent the next day, in my limited spare time, trying to troubleshoot the download of this game only to discover that my one year old computer did not have the proper video display chipset and that it would cost me $300-$350 to upgrade my system to this more advanced display system (nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT) after the technician purchased and installed this onto my computer. So to my dismay I went back up to Walmart and explained my dilemma only to be told that there was nothing that could be done, they were sorry but I should have had the capability to go through my system prior to purchasing this game and all they were willing to do was exchange the disc for the same disc. This was due to the fact that the disc was open. I had no idea that the game would not work prior to attempting to load this game on my computer.

I understandable was fuming, how was I to know that my one year old computer was not sufficient to run this game?

Do they seriously expect people with limited to no computer skills to check their system prior to purchasing a game? Needless to say the largest retail provider has permanently lost my respect and business.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Seriously - anyone who buys anything for a computer knows they have to have the right hardware to run the game. You should have checked the hardware requirements (they are listed on ALL computer software) before purchase, and if you were uncertain, you should not have purchased the game.

OR, you should have at least taken the game home, pulled up your system information and compared it to the system requirements on the back of the box to be sure that your game would work on your computer BEFORE ever opening it.

No one accepts used/open games, software, etc., except for an even exchange in event of defective game itself.

If you don't like the cost of your "coaster," consider it tuition for a life lesson.


Maybe your dumb *** should do some studying instead of playing games.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #200720

Shut up d13, does 13 represent your age lose. You three are all idiots.

I don't care about the law or policy I want my fucken monoey back. Now I have to use the game as a coaster.

Keep it a secret between the two of us but that is what the listing of minimum requirements somewhere on the software box is for :x

This is a common policy at all retailers and is to prevent piracy. You will see the same policy for music CD's for the same reason. Unfortunately, dishonest people have ruined things for someone like you.

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