Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Too many bad experiences with Walmart recently. Went in to redeem the promotion they were offering on the iphone 5c (pay $45, get a $75 walmart gcard).

Got there at 6:30 p.m. Supposedly they are only offering this deal for one day. On the advertisement it does not state a specific time you must arrive to redeem this offer, it just states to come on Friday, November 29th. So I get there, wait in line for 45 minutes, only to be told when I get to the counter that the only person who can renew the contracts and honor this deal left three hours early for the day.

Nothing else was said but that.

Second thing- the 1 hour guarantee is horrible. I have spent more time waiting in line, trying to pay for this thing; then I get home to actually register online and the site is down. I call the phone number listed when the error message shows up, guess what, still nothing.

I don't even get put on hold. The message recording actually hangs up on me multiple times. So, I finally send an email to their customer service and I'm still waiting to hear back. What a way to say a few bucks.

Totally NOT worth it in my opinion. Save your money folks and shop elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

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