Decatur, Alabama
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i was in your store on beltline rd. and spring ave.

this morning july 26th 2014. i had a buggy full of groceries and went to register number three which is not a speedy checkout lane. i had my 80 year old father with me and i began to put my stuff on the counter to be rung up. i had unloaded over a third of my buggy when the girl tells me that i will have to push all of my groceries to her by hand bcuz the belt doesn't work that automatically moves ur items!

that's a joke! why do u have 26 full service registers in the store to choose from and u have this one open? i do so by hand, every item is pushed forward to her. and b4 i can get my buggy emptied she is barkin for me to get my bags she had rung up!

she was very hateful and never said anything except to command me to do something during the whole process! i won't put up with that treatment from anyone or any business!!! i spend alot of money at walmart every month! i probably won't be back in walmart anymore and i will encourage everyone i know not to shop there!!!

this happened at 9 45 a.m.

today. thank u for ur time!...sincerely, b.p.b.

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I like it how people call grown women girls when they cannot even spell or act their age. Ironic isn't it? I bet even a girl of eight knows to begin a sentence with a capital letter and end it with a period.