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purchased a Sony IPOD DOCK for 89.88 at theSeffner Walmart in Brandon Florida. The item was not up to the standard I had expected.

I went back to the store to make and exchange. I question one of your store Assistant Managers, Eric, who I am sorry to say lacks any form of customer service skills. He was rude and incompetent. Eric does not have the qualities, skill, or ability required to do his job.

He provided me with inaccurate information, had me wait I the store for 20 minute for a customer service manager, to return from lunch that later by another coworker states she would not be back for hour.

I then left that store and went to a Walmart 20 min away in Gibsonton, FL where I was treated like a customer should , exchanged the items and purchased another IPOD DOCK station that has the quality sound I was looking for cost a little more but I hope am happy when I set it up. Eric is not the person you want to represent walmat

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I don't see anything that you said in your complaint that indicates that the manager was rude to you. Exactly how was he rude?

Just because you didn't like that your didn't get your way doesn't mean you were treated rudely. There could be such a thing that the first store was following rules and at the second store they weren't and therefore might get into trouble.

to anonymous #850111

Exactly! All I see here is someone who thinks they are entitled to be treated like royalty because "its not up to my standards.

Make it right!! Now!!".

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