Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Not resolved

My doctor sent the prescription to the wrong store. I received the 866 phone call and went to pick it up in Elizabeth City, NC.

They said they did not have it. I asked if they could check their computer to see if it was sent to the wrong store. They said they could not. I called a Chesapeake Va Pharmacy and she looked it up and said it was sent to Kitty Hawk, Nc.

She said she would transfer the prescription to their store and I could get it tomorrow.

I will not go back to EC. because they do not provide good customer service.

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docs fault or yours. you might of told the docs wrong one.


Sounds like it was the doctors fault, not Walmart. How can you hold Walmart accountable for your doctors office sending your prescription to the wrong place?

First Born Triplet

If your doctor sent the prescription to the wrong store how is it their fault, it takes about a day for them to get their truck to transfer it to the right store.